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Welcome to the MESSS Makers Home page. MESSS Makers began as a childrens' mental health program developped to help families successfully transition out of isolation. We have since evolved to promote personal growth through group programs and 1:1 counselling for people of all ages. Continue scrolling to see what we offer.



One-on-one therapy involves meeting with our counsellor, Amber Raymond, individually to discuss personal struggles and work towards solutions.

Ages: 8+


Group educational programs for kids between 7-12. Programs utilize therapeutic arts, crafts, games and activities to promote personal growth.

Ages: 7-12

"As many of my friends and family know I suffered a severe loss when my oldest daughter Justine was killed in a car accident in 2017.  My world changed forever, and I thought I would never get to a point in my life where I can truly say that I am finding a new me.It has taken several years for me to come to terms with the fact that I could either let this tragedy consume me or rise above it and find peace and purpose in my life again.

I have realized that it is better for a person to have guidance and positive encouragement from others to make life’s journey easier. Therefore, I would like to take this time to say how truly grateful I am to have met my wonderful therapist Amber Raymond who has truly inspired me to grow and continues to assist me through the steps of my healing process.

She has a way of teaching you how to forgive, accept and move through your emotions with ease and positivity.She is an amazing listener; a terrific motivator and her sincerity became apparent upon our first visit. She really is 100% living proof that there are still good people in this world who enjoy helping others and truly want others to succeed." - R. Soulliere

Spring 2022

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Tecumseh, ON  |  Tel: 519-710-0101

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