About ME

Amber Raymond

(BA) French Language, BSW, MSW, RSW


My name is Amber Raymond and I want to begin by thanking you for visiting me at this site!

I was born in the small town of Mcgregor, Ontario and grew up in a family that emphasized the importance of helping those in need, learning to recognize those who struggle and do what it takes to help them. I left my hometown to take on the big imperfect world and pursue an education that would prepare me for a life of helping others overcome adversity and mental health struggles.

 I obtained my  Bachelor of Social Work Degree in the Spring of 2020 and my Masters in Social Work in spring 2021 from  the University of Windsor. During my psychology education, I researched, presented and co-published the article Taxi Tipping in New York City (2014-2017): Reciprocity in Hailed vs. Dispatched Cab Fares with Dr. Kenneth Cramer. The journal article explains the psychology behind what motivates individuals to leave a tip. I instantly discovered my love for research, writing and sharing knowledge with others. Thanks to personal and professional experiences  I now longs to work with parents, children and youth to reach optimal holistic health. 

I am a loving and committed mother and friend and an advocate for non-conventional, evidence-based coping strategies. I believe in the power of self-care practices, self-exploration, and self-love. I am a bilingual registered master's level social worker with certifications in therapeutic approaches such as CBT, DBT, EFT and more. I am happy to offer services to all populations and specialize in childhood struggles, relationship issues, life transitions, coping with grief, and personal development. 

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In the past two years, during my social work internships, I have had the opportunity to assist in the development of mindfulness program for elementary-aged children. First, at The Hospice of Windsor & Essex County, I developed, facilitated and assessed a self-care and mindfulness program that provided emotional support resources and techniques for children between the ages of 5 and 10 coping with grief. Then, while working with the Conseil scolaire Catholique Providence, I contributed to developing the early year's mindfulness program that provided socio-emotional resources to parents with children entering junior kindergarten to provide guidance for their successful entrance into the school environment. 
On a more personal note, I have helped my son overcome challenges related to abandonment, self-confidence and general anxiety. My journey as a mother has motivated me to help parents and families overcome life's challenges with a proactive approach.

As a single mother and empathetic person, I have faced my share of personal challenges. Challenges that have taught me effective, practical approaches and techniques which led to success and a sense of fulfillment in life. My ultimate passion is to help guide others to achieving satisfaction and joy in life by growing more self-aware, self-loving and resilient.
As you can see, my experiences range from personal to professional but primarily revolve around caring for others in some way. I have always been passionate about discovering what causes people to think, feel and behave the way we do. With my education and experiences, that interest has blossomed into a strong passion for helping children develop the tools they need to understand the world within and around them. 


2011- Forever

Dedicated, Loving, Compassionate Parent

2017- Present

Direct Social Worker at Community Living Essex

Jan-April 2021

MSW Intern with Conseil scolaire catholique Providence


BSW Intern at The Hospice of Windsor-Essex County


Registered Social Worker (RSW)


Masters of Social Work (MSW)


Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)


Bachelor of Arts in French (BA) 


EFT & TFT Tapping Practitioner Certification

Professional Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Certification 

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Certification

NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Mindfulness Practitioner Diploma

Play Therapy Certification

Current Projects

 MESSS Makers  is a daily program offered Monday to Friday during the summer months, and is designed to help children between the ages of 5-10 develop emotional intelligence skills through the use of play and art therapy-based approaches.


Children's Book Series

I am working closely with a brilliant woman to create a series of children's books designed to teach kids various techniques for overcoming general anxieties. Stay tuned because this series is going to be incredible!


1:1 Counseling

As a Masters of Social Work graduate, I am qualified to offer 1:1 therapy sessions. While I can utilize many therapeutic approaches, I am particularly interested in practical techniques that can be used at home. and passionate about helping people discover who they are as a way of overcoming life's struggles.