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1:1 Counselling

One-on-one therapy is commonly used to encourage personal growth and healing. It involves meeting with our counsellor, Amber Raymond, individually for roughly one hour at a time to uncover personal struggles, which often lead to problematic behaviours and situations.

1:1 sessions can help pinpoint unhelpful thoughts and break down barriers that impact emotional and mental well-being. As a counsellor, Amber seek to help others become more self-aware, to develop self-compassion, self-esteem, and spiritual connections. I believe that getting to know ourselves allows us to better navigate the challenges we all inevitably face in this life. Working 1:1 will enable us to develop personalized approaches and techniques that work best for you. 

Available 1:1  Format

In-Person Therapy
Virtual Therapy
walk n talk

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TherapeuticApproaches Utilized

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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Particularly effective in treating anxiety and depression. However, CBT also has the potential to treat specific challenges such as :

eating disorders

generalized anxiety disorder

obsessive-compulsive disorder

panic disorder

posttraumatic stress disorder

specific phobias

substance use disorders.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy


DBT helps treat conditions that involve difficulty regulating emotions and unstable relationships or impulsive behaviours. DBT is effective in overcoming such challenges as:

Posttraumatic stress disorder

Eating disorders

Addictive behaviours

Self-harming behaviour

Suicidal urges

Treatment-resistant depression


EFT Tapping.jpeg

Effective for both physiological and psychological symptoms and an evidence-based practice that helps overcome challenges such as:

Physical pain

Play Therapy


Play therapy allows children to communicate their feelings, experiences and ideas through their natural medium of expression. Effective against challenges such as:

family conflict 
interpersonal relationships
communication difficulty

Neuro Linguistic Programming


A language and visualization technique used to develop a positive state of mind conducive to learning and growth. NLP has been used to assess various symptoms such as:

Panic disorders
Communication Issues
Posttraumatic stress
Attention-deficit hyperactivity
Obsessions and compulsions

Art Therapy

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 Art therapy is about finding meaning and connection in your life not about becoming an incredible artist. It's been proven to improve the mental health of people who are dealing with challenges such as: 

Attention disorders
Grief and loss
relationship issues

Communication difficulties

Meet Our Counsellor...

Amber Raymond
BA (french), BSW, MSW, RSW

I have had the opportunity to assist in the development of mindfulness program for elementary-aged children. First, at The Hospice of Windsor & Essex County, I developed, facilitated and assessed a self-care and mindfulness program that provided emotional support resources and techniques for children between the ages of 5 and 10 coping with grief. Then, while working with the Conseil scolaire Catholique Providence, I contributed to developing the early year's mindfulness program that provided socio-emotional resources to parents with children entering junior kindergarten to provide guidance for their successful entrance into the school environment. 
On a more personal note, I have helped my son overcome challenges related to abandonment, self-confidence and general anxiety. My journey as a mother has motivated me to help parents and families overcome life's challenges with a proactive approach. As a single mother and empathetic person, I have faced my share of personal challenges. Challenges that have encouraged me to look within and ultimately taught me effective, practical techniques to overcoming internal conflicts. My ultimate passion is to help guide others to achieving satisfaction and joy in life by growing more self-aware, self-loving and resilient.
My experiences range from personal to professional but primarily revolve around caring for others in some way. I have always been passionate about discovering what causes people to think, feel and behave the way we do. With my education and experiences, that interest has blossomed into a strong passion for helping people develop the tools they need to understand the world within and around them. 

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As a member of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers Amber is committed to following the code of ethics to best support her clients. For more details on what this means please check out the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Handbook


Service Fees

Session prices vary and most insurance plans cover 1:1 Masters of Social Work session fees. In many cases, fees are tax-deductible & reimbursable. Please reach out with questions to see if you're covered!
For your convenience, Amber can bill directly with Green Shield Canada & SSQ. Please have your insurance information handy during your initial phone session so we can support you the best we can. We currently accept cash, check or e-transfer.

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